In Night, is Elie's father highly respected in the Jewish community?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, Elie's father holds a position of respect in the community of Sighet for several reasons.

Elie's father was an educated man. He had his own business, which meant he knew and was known by many in the community, including leaders of both the Jewish and the Hungarian sections of the population. "The Jewish community of Sighet held him in highest esteem; his advice on public and even private matters was frequently sought." In addition to the Jews, Elie's father "had connections at the upper levels of the Hungarian police."

Because he was recognized and respected as a businessman, as a leader in the synagogue, and as one who had connections with the others in Sighet, Elie's father was an obvious choice to assume a role of leadership in the Jewish Council that was formed when the German Army moved into Sighet and the Jews were resettled into the ghetto areas. His father continued to be one of the persons to whom the others looked for advice and direction, right up to the time when the Jews were loaded onto the trains for deportation.