In Elie Wiesel's Night, how did Elie survive?

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Elie Wiesel’s Night is an autobiographical story of his experience during the Holocaust. This small book is book is a favorite among high school teachers and students because of its honest, straightforward, and stark portrayal of Elie’s experiences.

As an earlier post noted, Wiesel attributes his survival of the Holocaust to chance more than anything else. However, there are several points in his story that suggest that his survival is also due to the help of others he encountered along the way.

When Elie and his father first arrive in Auschwitz, they are herded with the other prisoners toward an incinerator. They are still innocent of the knowledge of their fate, it is too terrible to imagine. On the way, they encounter other prisoners, veterans, who know what life in the camps is like. At one point in the story, Elie notes that they are not veterans for nothing; they know how to survive.

On their first night, as they are marched toward the smokestacks of the inferno, they encounter...

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