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Write the electron configuration for carbon with sp hybridization?

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The atomic number of carbon is 6 and it has a ground state configuration of `1s^2, 2s^2, 2p^2` . In this configuration, 1 p orbital is blank. However, this configuration does not explain the formation of linear molecules such as acetylene (`C_2H_2` ) and other alkynes, carbon dioxide, etc. In all such cases, carbon atom undergoes sp hybridization. In this hybridization, one s and one p orbitals, that is, the 2s orbital and one of the 2p orbitals hybridize to form two sp orbitals. Each of these hybridized orbitals have 50% s and 50% p character and contain 1 electron each. And the remaining two p orbitals, each containing 1 electron, are left unhybridized. In case of acetylene, each carbon atom is attached to the other by a triple bond, one of these bonds is between sp hybridized orbitals and the other two are between the unhybridized p orbitals of the participating carbon atoms. The carbon-hydrogen bond is between the s orbital of hydrogen and sp orbital of carbon atoms. 

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