If the electricity delivered to a factory is at 50,000 Volts, What is the current use and the power dissipated in the wires at 50,000 Volts?  

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The voltage at which power is delivered to the factory is 12000V. To determine the current that travels through the wire that carry the power, either the power delivered or the resistance of the wires is required. Similarly, to determine the power, either the current being delivered or the resistance of the wires is required. The problem does not provide any of this information.

If the resistance of the wires is R, the current is equal to I = V/R = 12000/R and the power dissipated is equal to P = V*I  = 12000*I = 12000^2/R. If the power delivered is P, I = P/12000.


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Let the power station supply power P at  50000 V to a factory.Then we have

P=50000 I ,      where I is current .

I=P/50000  A           (i)

Thus power  P' dissipated in conduction of electricity from power station to factory will be


`=50000 I`  Watts        (ii)

Substitute the value of I from (i) in (ii) ,we will get ans to our problem.