Dwight D. Eisenhower's Presidency Questions and Answers

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Eisenhower's dynamic conservatism, which allowed for some activism, was combined with social activism. economic activism. economic restraint. hatred of Jews.    

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This question is somewhat confusing in that there is not much context given.  The wording of the question implies that "economic restraint" is the right answer.  It does not make sense to say that dynamic conservatism allowed for some activism and was combined with activism.  Since hatred of the Jews was not part of Eisenhower's agenda, that leaves "economic restraint."

This makes sense becaue Eisenhower's dynamic conservatism did show something of a mix of economic restraint and activism.  On the one hand, Eisenhower extended Social Security to more people and increased benefits.  On the other, he cut spending and ended things like price controls and wage controls.

Since Eisenhower's dynamic conservatism was a fairly flexible doctrine, it makes the most sense to say that it mixed activism with economic restraint.

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