Eight years after they reach their colony world, Ender gets a big surprise. What is it?This is from the book "Ender's Game."

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The war with the buggers is over.  Ender is healing, but his guilt still weighs heavily on him.  Even the reuniting with Valentine, his older sister, is not enough to erase the questions and guilt he feels for wiping out an entire race.  Ender is on the colony with Valentine and the other new colonists when he and Abra are out exploring.  On this day they discover a playground.  He realizes that the Buggers have built this for him.  He and Abra get in the copter and begin exploring.  They find the tower and Ender goes alone to explore it.  Inside he finds a cocoon of a Bugger Queen and it communicates to him that they could all live together in peace.  This is the beginning of Ender's role as "Speaker for The Dead."