In The Egypt Game what is Toby's confession to April and Melanie?  

Expert Answers
rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Toby and Ken join the Egypt game, things get more interesting, especially when they begin playing the Oracle of Thoth. They follow Toby's recommendation for how to play, which requires a person to submit a question to Thoth and wait overnight for the answer to appear. When the answers mysteriously appear written on the back of both Ken's and April's questions, the children begin to get spooked. Most of the children want to stop playing, but Toby insists the game is just starting to get exciting. Marshall insists they can't stop playing until he has a chance to ask the Oracle about his missing comfort toy, Security. The next day at school, Toby arranges to talk with April and Melanie on the playground. He confesses that he was the one who wrote the answers to Ken's and April's questions. He had looked up key words from each question in a book of familiar quotations. He sneaked out of his house at night, went to Egypt, and wrote the answers on the papers. He knows Marshall is expecting a real answer to his question. The three children plan to give an answer that will temporarily satisfy Marshall. When they get to Egypt, April finds that someone else has written an answer about the location of Security, an answer that turns out to reveal where the stuffed animal has gone. This mysterious turn of events puts a damper on the Egypt game for the children for a while.