In The Egypt Game, what is Toby's confession to April and Melanie?  

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The answer to this question can be found in the beginning parts of the chapter that is titled "Confession and Confusion." In the previous chapter, the children wrote a note to the Oracle of Thoth asking it where Security is. Security is Marshall's stuffed octopus animal. When the chapter begins, readers are told that Toby had trouble sleeping because of his conscience. "He thought and worried and thought" until he became so stressed that he called up April. He arranged to meet her and Melanie by the parallel bars during first recess. The ladies wandered over there at the designated time, and he confessed to them that he was the person writing the answers to the questions being presented to the oracle. He also confessed that he has no idea where Security is.

When April and Melanie wandered over—and registered exaggerated surprise to find him...

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