In The Egypt Game, how does Elizabeth respond to the Egypt Game?

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Elizabeth is introduced to readers about a third of the way through the book.  April and Melanie are tasked with making her feel welcome.  They agree to the task, but they do not agree to share their Egypt Game with her . . . yet.  April and Melanie decide to do their own vetting process in order to make sure that Elizabeth can be brought in on their secret game.  Elizabeth wins them over, and the bonus is that she looks like Nefertiti too.  

When April and Melanie tell Elizabeth about the Egypt Game, Elizabeth is super positive about the entire thing.  She doesn't scoff at it or anything like that.  She just jumps right in.  Best of all, she immediately begins playing within the rules already established.  She doesn't try to change anything about the Game.  

Elizabeth turned out to be just what the Egypt Game needed to make it perfect. Of course, she didn’t have many ideas; but then, she was younger and hadn’t had a chance to learn much about ancient history. Besides, April and Melanie had almost more ideas than they could use anyway. Elizabeth helped in other ways.

She was just crazy about every part of the Egypt Game, and she was full of admiring comments.

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