In the Egypt Game, how would you describe the character of Ken Kamata?

Expert Answers
harper206 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ken Kamata is a sixth-grader at Wilson School. He is in the same class as April Hall and Melanie Ross, and his best friend, Toby Alvillar. April and Melanie describe Ken as one of the popular kids, kind of a big deal, although a bit cocky. Ken's character really seems almost shy at times—he uses arrogance to cover up his shyness. When Ken and Toby discover April and Melanie playing the Egypt Game, Ken appears uninterested and refuses to join in. He does not want to seem silly. Ken eventually agrees to play, but distances himself from the game until he gets to choose his own Egyptian name. He chooses Horemheb—the name of a pharaoh and great commander. Ken clearly sees himself in this role, and it is definitely how he wants others to see him; he begins to take more initiative in playing and creating the game. Although Ken is concerned with how others perceive him, he also wants to do the right thing and helps reunite Toby with his father.