What were the effects of the rules of the society to the citizens of the film, "The Giver"?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, the rules of the society made the place into an orderly world. There was great uniformity, safety, and harmony to some extent. Some people might say that it was a utopian world, especially when most of the world as we know it is broken. There is some merit to this opinion. 

Second, the rules of the society also brainwashed the people. People could only think in a certain way. Their freedoms were curtailed. What was particularly pernicious about the structure was that the people did not know what they were missing. From this perspective, those under the laws were abettors of their own subjugation, because their thoughts were controlled. They even policed themselves.

Third and finally, there was no real freedom, as Americans see it.  Laws in this world prohibited freedom instead of providing a place of protection for freedom to thrive.