What are the effects of computers on society?

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The widespread adoption of computers has had lots of effects on society. First of all, it has impacted the way that we shop and make purchases. In some ways this change is positive, since the rise of online retailers like Amazon has given us greater choice as consumers over where we buy our goods. It also means that we can make purchases without having to leave the house. However, the ability to do our shopping online has affected physical stores by increasing the competition between companies.

In addition, computers have also changed the way we communicate with each other. The rise of email and social media networks, for example, has made it easier than ever for people to stay in touch with family and friends and to meet new people. Moreover, access to these services is free, making online communication a far cheaper alternative to sending letters or making phone calls.

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This question can be answered in many different ways. In light of this, let me give you a number of ways in which computers have changed our society.

First, computers have changed the way information is saved and accessed. Now with a few clicks on a computer, people can access almost any piece of information. The speed at which people can access information has never been faster. We can say that the computer has democratized almost all information. This point cannot be overemphasized.

Second, computers have changed warfare. Now people use computers to conduct war in many ways. The threat of cyber-warfare is real and even within the past few years, many hackers have tried to break into our military systems. This area will certainly grow in the future.

Third, on a less serious note, computers have changed shopping and advertising. People are buying more on-line and advertisers are using on-line advertisement more to reach people.

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