Discuss the effectiveness of strategies used by the teacher in "To Sir, With Love."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the strongest and most effective strategies Braithwaite uses in teaching his students is the notion of personal regard.  He ends up winning them over because he goes very far in establishing a relationship with them.  Unlike most of their other teachers, Braithwaite understands that one has to make the attempt to know them in order for them to be able to show trust.  This establishment of personal regard was ahead of its time.  Braithwaite's use of it shows how personal regard supplants curriculum and content, for if one does not show this to students they will not be as receptive to learning and understanding.  Another effective strategy Braithwaite uses is the idea of teaching students knowledge outside of the classroom.  Braithwaite realizes early on that his students will only be able to fully understand and grasp content if it is forcibly linked to external experience and that which lies outside the realm of the classroom.  When Braithwaite begins to forge links between learning and the outside world, the students begin to show a greater willingness to learn.  This is where the best examples of Braithwaite's teaching happens.