Effectiveness of population control? Using a case study, assess the effectiveness of population control as a tool to facilitate national development. One Child Policy in China -- pros and cons?

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I'd say population control is barbaric, and not needed in an advanced society.  Most industrialized modern countries no longer have overpopulation, at least among the middle class.  Usually its a problem among the lower classes only.

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As pointed out above, Chinese society values a male child above a female child. The one child rule means that many girl children are killed or put up for adoption to couples outside of China. This leads to many female babies being abandoned or worse. Unfortunately, there are also problems with obtaining the birth permits for lower income families. I watched a documentary about the difficulties for poor families in paying for and obtaining these permits. Some families choose to hide their children because they cannot afford to register their births or they hide them because they don't want to give them up. In some ways, the one child rule forces children to become like illegal aliens in their own country.
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The major con in the one child policy has been the fact that it has helped cause a tremendous sex imbalance in many parts of China.  It has caused many people to abort female fetuses, thus creating a situation in where there are many more men than women.  This is harmful to development because it creates a very tenuous social situation, one in which social tensions are more likely to arise as it becomes harder for many men to form traditional families.

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