Describe an effective strategy for making effective healthcare decisions. What are the environmental effects on your health from your home and other places you spend a great deal of time?

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megamind-616 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One healthy strategy for making effective healthcare decisions is called the National Prevention Strategy. The plan was created by the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Council. Seven out of ten deaths in this nation are due to chronic disease, many of which are preventable. The plan aims to prevent healthcare issues before they begin. It offers suggestions in how to weave prevention in all aspects of our life - living environments, work, and play. 

Which brings us to your second question. The environment in which we spend the majority of our time affects our health immensely. Violence, abusive, and high demands in a work or home environment can wreck havoc on one's stress. The foods that we are accustomed to eating and or the amount of activity we make time for can indirectly cause heart disease and other chronic diseases due to weight gain. The amount of pollution in our environment can affect the quality of the air we breath and the quality of our lungs.

The National Prevention Strategy aims to target such environmental factors by reaching out in the community. It aims to build healthy homes and communities by helping businesses adopt healthy practices, such as incorporating health plans and work out facilities at work. They work with local clinics on implementing prevention strategies and community seminars in orde to empower people to make healthy decisions.