In relation to the effective use of authority and responsibility, how do you perceive the role of accountability?

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The role of accountability enhances effective authority and responsibility. The Oz Principle discusses accountability in relation to effective authority to lead and in relation to taking effective responsibility for failures. Authors Connors, Smith and Hickman recount a story of accountability at Intel Corporation. Facing intense competition from Japan, the two top executives, CEO Andy Grove and COO Gordon Moore, debated what changes might be made by someone else if someone else were to replace the two of them the next day.

Practicing accountability--refusing to blame external circumstances--led to enhanced responsibility regarding failed company outcomes and, in the long process of revolutionizing Intel, accountability led to enhanced authority to lead because employees were willing to adjust, change and follow their accountable leaders. As this story illustrates this concept, I see the role of accountability as being integral to effective authority and responsibility [responsibility: the act of accepting blame for something bad that has happened].

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