What is the effect that technology has on our every day life and how does this compare to "Brave New World"?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Brave New World," technology has completely reshaped the world that we live in, and even the idea of human beings as we know it today.  Their technology allows them to design and produce human beings en masse; their society has used this to create  what they believe to be a perfectly productive, peaceful, and functioning society.  Unfortunately, in that society, no one truly thinks, chooses for themselves on any significant scale, or knows the meaning of real or deep emotion.

In our everyday lives, technology is making us lazier; we don't need to make our own food, read books anymore to get information, walk places, or even be creative or imaginative on our own.  The internet provides us with information, entertainment, communication wtih whoever we want, and cell phone and music players keep us constantly in touch and plugged in.  The effect of this is an attitude of instant gratification and of entitlement.  We want everything and we want it now.  Also, the art of communicating face to face in meaningful ways is being lost.  Another impact is that we want to be constantly entertained; we get bored if we aren't "plugged in," and have a hard time dealing with complex situations that require focus for a long time.  We also spend so much time escaping into alternate realities through movies and video games that sometimes when faced with real-life difficulties we don't know how to cope, or, we just stay in denial through escapism.

Many of those aspects of technology that we see in our every day lives can also be seen in "Brave New World."  In that book, the entire focuse of their lives is distraction, entertainment, and shallow pleasure.  Conflict and unhappiness baffle and confuse them, and make them escape with their soma pills.  No real communication or relationships exist.  I hope that those thoughts help; good luck!

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