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Effect on society. In your opinion, the link below is an advertisement about Doritos' and it presents two 'gay men'. Do you think this advertisement effects the society and gay people, how and why?  I think what I'm trying to say is does the advertisement effect the society about people's gender roles and does it have a personal attack on those people? Thank you.

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(This topic may need to be moved to the discussion forum for a more thorough answer.)  I think you will find that the media is influenced by society just as much as it influences.  Advertisements often reflect the current societal attitudes.  For example, advertisements from the 1940s often reflected women as homemakers rather than the independent women we see today.  A commercial presenting gay men might simply be a reflection of society itself.  Being openly gay is becoming more and more accepted by modern society.  It is no surprise that we see this idea creeping into advertisements.  Yes, advertisements such as this do influence people, particularly young people, in their ideas about stereotypes and gender roles.  However, I think you will find that advertisements are more of a mirror for society.  For instance, have you ever noticed that any advertisements showing a man and woman living together or with children either present the couple with wedding rings or they are careful not to show their hands.  This type of advertising ideal began when it was unacceptable to show a couple living together than was not married.  Now, these ideas are changing, but advertisers are slow to change.  They don't want to offend or loose their target audience.

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My apologies for forgetting to add in the link of the advertisement.