In Edward Scissorhands, discuss how many characters show admirable traits.

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Several characters in Edward Scissorhands display admirable traits.  The Inventor legitimately loves Edward and does not realize the challenge intrinsic to creating a human being at his old age.  His death in the middle of his creation is representative of how much he loves Edward enough to create him, yet failing to realize that his own age that the task of creation is more effort than he can give.  Peg represents the quality of caring and openness.  The demeanor she displays in terms of caring for Edward is inclusive and accepting.  She takes him into her home.  In doing so, she represents the very best of traits geared towards service and helping others who are in need.  Peg realizes that Edwards might be in need.  She offers her own home towards that end.

Kim represents some of the best traits displayed towards Edward.  Love, imagination, compassion, and loyalty are qualities she embodies in terms of sharing them with Edward.  Kim embodies these traits in how she learns to love, protect, and honor Edward.  In the face of a world that demonstrates a lack of understanding and acceptance, Kim takes the form of what should be.  In doing so, the narrative provides an example of the strength that individuals need to live in the modern setting, providing a point of transformation from what is into what can be.

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