Edward Cullen's soul (Twlight saga)Does Edward Cullen have a soul?

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If you look at the vampire narratives as a genre, you can argue that an author has the ability to grant their vampire a soul. (fictitiously, yes, but it's a book. We all should know the difference between reality and book.) Starting with Dracula and Carmilla , vampires are soulless. They are basically demons in human form. This idea is taken up by Joss Whedon in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well. In Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire series, Bill is unsure if he has a soul be he knows he has a human connection to his past and the people in his community, but he also (and most importantly) has a conscience. I think a conscience is the big question here.

The vampire world has gone secular, so I would say the concept of a soul in vampire narratives is irrelevant. What is relevant, and what Meyer does show, is the power of choice and conscience. If Edward acts like a jerk to Bella, he apologizes. Not because he has a soul, rather he has a conscience reminding him he was rude, especially because he does engage with the human population on a daily basis in Meyer's novels.

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According to Edward himself, he does not have a soul. His other family members, however, believe otherwise. Bella too thinks he and the rest of his family have souls, and she tries to make him believe it. Whether or not he really does just depends on what his creator, Stephanie Meyer, wants him to have; it can also depend on how the reader pictures him

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I believe that Edward Cullen has a soul.  In the last book he even expressed belief in the possibility of having a soul.  When he was about to walk into the sun light and Bella threw herself at him, he thought he was in heaven. 

I also believe that anyone as kind as Edward's charachter, would in real life, have a soul, even if he was a vampire.

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I hate to be a killjoy, but Edward Cullen is a fictional character.  Fictional characters don't have souls unless it's written into the text. 

You might want to clarify your topic.  Are you asking if vampires have souls, assuming such creatures really existed?

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Bella believes that Edward has a soul but Edward just thinks he is soul less and he thinks he must be soul less because of the actions he has done. 

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In Twilight this is usually a conflict with Edward within himself. First and for most Edward is set on the idea that he is going to go to hell if he ever dies. Why? Because during the first ten years that Edward was a vampire he killed many people but he usually killed bad guys like rapist, thief's, etc. Edward thinks even though those people were bad he still had no right to take lives so he must not have a soul because his actions. So in a way Bella tries to justify to him that he does in fact have a soul but to Edward he is set on the idea of himself being soulless.

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vampires do not have soul, but the auter has wanted to give Edward a soul to makes her novel exciting and gives the character a difference. we would become more in love with a character who has a soul like us and makes it more romantic than he was someone soulless and wierd and some how cruel!! this was an auteric trick :p

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Edward Cullen and soul in the same sentence?

I belive Edward has a soul, but the whole " I dont have a soul" "oh yes you do!" situation confused me. Does he? Doesent he?

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Vampires can not have souls. They are the shadow side of us , thus what we most fear and long for. They are our dark twin so to be food for our likeness is a terrible thing. For Edward to be able to withstand sunlight is hedging the bets, plus humanising a predator. Dangerous stuff.

Traditionally, the Gothic genre was concerned with exploring soul's anguish, religious confusion, sexuality and various other things. Now, the genre is literalised - but vampires and so forth don't really exist - otherwise we would all be in deep trouble. Let's face it, reality is savage enough. Emotional vampires everywhere!

Edward is a writer's and reader's stunning fantasy - the ultimate bad boy that a sweet, sensitive girl could redeem (whilst letting her hair down ever such a little bit!). It would really be horrid - as he never ages, his lover does! pass me my moisturiser dear  - oh,my wrinkles!

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I hate to be a killjoy, but Edward Cullen is a fictional character.  Fictional characters don't have souls unless it's written into the text. 

You might want to clarify your topic.  Are you asking if vampires have souls, assuming such creatures really existed?

Well, there are a few references made about the "soul" in the movie New Moon (Twilight Saga).  (I'll probably need to reread this book to understand what Stephenie Meyer (the author) wanted to convey to her audience).  However, if one believes that the soul is separate from the physical body, then what happened to Edward's when he became a vampire?