How does the education system of India reduce the economic divide?    

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As with other systems of education in industrialized countries, India's education system is free and open to the public.  That is, everyone can attend.  Besides being democratic, this is an important vehicle for social change, in that it opens up not only the possibility of literacy, but that of obtaining basic economic and social skills necessary to progess beyond poverty.

Gandhi also made it a priority to develop higher education facilities and make them accessible to India's population.  Many of the best medical, technical and business schools in the world are found in India today, at least partly realizing his dream.

India also makes a special effort to include those who are economically disadvantaged in its secondary education program, which is open to nearly 100 million individuals, and they then have access to top notch instructors, often visiting from colleges and universities they may then be qualified to attend.