In the Education of Little Tree, what are the lessons Little Tree is learning?

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Little Tree learns several different kinds of lessons throughout the book: concrete lessons like farming and whiskey-making, lessons about the nature of people, and spiritual lessons about existence that relate to Little Tree's grandparents' Cherokee heritage.

Little Tree learns many lessons about practical things like farming and whiskey-making while he lives with his grandparents. His Granpa chooses to teach him from experience, bringing Little Tree with him as he goes about his days. Little Tree ends up working with his Granpa at the whiskey still and learns to sell what they make. He also learns to fish by hand, make useful goods, and hunt for animals. 

Little Tree also learns less concrete lessons about the world while living with his grandparents. When they hike through the woods together, for example, Granpa uses the time to teach Little Tree. When they see a hawk kill a quail, Granpa tells Little Tree that it's the way of life—and that each creature should only take what he...

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