Does education bring down political corruption?

Expert Answers
stevepomper eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Education is a powerful thing. It is most often viewed as a positive endeavor in itself. However, it does matter what is being taught and who is teaching it. After all, the Nazis and fascists all employed education to actually teach organized corruption. After one defines proper education and what comprises political corruption, one can use education through critical thinking to help bring down political corruption.

Let’s assume education with its positive connotations as delivering objective information about a subject; educators and students engage in a free exchange of ideas for the purpose of edification. Then, education can be used to teach subjects in a way that may enable people entering a political, legal, or journalistic career to fight political corruption.

There are many examples of political corruption, which news organizations provide Americans nightly. One example that people might not immediately consider is the corruption of how American government is supposed to function as delineated by the U.S. Constitution. Many American political representatives appear ignorant or dismissive of the very document they have sworn to uphold and defend.

Consider this: one can better understand the nature of political corruption in America by becoming educated about the constitutional foundations of the American government and political system. For instance, if one understands the nature of the separation of powers embedded in the American political system, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, one can better realize when one branch impedes or infringes on another branch’s function or authority, which is a form of political corruption.