What would Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine think about the current state of controversies between police and minority communities in the U.S.?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine would not be pleased with the controversies between the police and minority communities in the United States.  Burke believed that the actions of the king regarding the constitutional controversies, while technically were legal, were not in the spirit of the Constitution.  Burke believed the government's actions were both unwise and inconsistent.  Burke would probably say the same thing about the controversies which exist today between the police and the minority communities.  While the actions may be technically legal, they are not wise, just, nor moral.

Thomas Paine would feel the same way.  Paine believed the British government was violating or ignoring the rights of the people in the colonies.  He believed that it was "common sense" for the people to stand up and do something about the violations of these rights.  Thus, Thomas Paine would probably support the people in these minorities communities in their struggles against the police.

Both men would not be pleased by the actions of the police (government) in these situations involving members of the minority communities.