In The Edible Woman how does Marian describe the connection between food and family, friends or community?

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In The Edible Woman Marian makes connections with food as a way to bond with society and with her boyfriend. Similarly, food is the essence of her job, since she has to prepare questionnaires for consumers to decide whether edible products are good or bad. She sees food everywhere, and it is the connector between coworkers, family, and friends. However, she does not openly refer to food in the story as a connector. She enacts this believe, however, with the obsession that she develops when she began connecting herself to an edible object.

When she begins this obsession, she becomes detached from reality (as the narrative suggests) and her interest is on protecting herself from becoming "consumed" by society the way a piece of meat would. She counterbalanced her fear by quitting to eat herself. Finally in the end Marian faced Peter with a cake and confronted him by asking whether he indeed wants to consume her (overpower, overwhelm) and once Peter leaves, she goes back to her normal self by eating again.

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