Is Eddie a sympathetic character? How he has changed during the play?

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It is difficult to describe Eddie Carbone as a sympathetic character. For one thing, he is an extraordinarily self-centered man who expects the whole world to revolve around him. Everything he does in the play is related to his own needs and his own elevated sense of self-importance. More than anything else, he cannot face up to the reality of everyday life. As a result, he constructs a fantasy world all of his own where he is the center of attention and the dominant figure always in control.

However, he cannot control events, not least because he cannot control his own emotions. He tries to suppress his true feelings for Catherine, but it eventually becomes obvious to those around him how much he desires her. Eddie has painstakingly constructed this nice little world for himself in which he is the undisputed boss, but his repressed emotional life threatens to destroy everything he has.

Despite his many faults, Eddie is nonetheless a fascinating character, riven with...

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