Where can I find EBooks-Bell Hook Feminist Theory as an ebook?Is the book Feminist Theory available as an ebook. I Like to down load and read books and I want to read this book.  

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Amazon.com also has a "See Inside This Book" version that is searchable by keywords, if you sign in to Amazon. If you want a passage on a certain term, after entering the term in the interior search bar, you'll be provided with all the relevant citations in the book. Most will be available for reading in broad context. The ones that are not still provide a a floating hypertext above the result, so you can read the immediate context.

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Yes, I am afraid until it gets published as an e-book you are either going to have to find a copy that is old-fashioned on paper or just satisfy your curiosity by reading what excerpts you can online. There are plenty of websites that help you to track down second hand copies of books, lots of which you can get quite cheaply.

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Google Books indicates that, at present, no e-book is available.  But, as rrteacher notes, you can read lengthy excerpts there, and you can also read excepts on Amazon.com if you have an Amazon account.  You may be able to find a cheap paperback copy at bookfinder.com.

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bell hooks is very interesting! It is a good book. Unfortunately, I was not really able to find the book available on kindle or iBooks. However, I did find some of bell hooks's other books on iBooks. They had The Will to Change, Teaching Critical Thinking, When Angels Speak of Love, Rock My Soul, We Real Cool and Belonging. You will also enjoy these. However, they are pretty expensive for ebooks.