essaya convesation with your boss.

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Bosses should have ongoing, productive communication with their employees. Things that I would prefer to discuss with a boss include chances for promotions, general ideas to make working conditions better, and any concerns and challenges that may be affecting my ability to perform well.

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You asked two questions, but since you asked the boss question twice I'm guessing that's the one you're really interested in. Do you have a job? If no, why don't you consider a famous person you'd like to work for and questions you would ask him or her.
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a convesation with your boss.

If your essay will be about a conversation with your boss, you will need to determine the context of the conversation. Are you asking your boss for something, like a raise or health care benefits? Are you being reprimanded because you made a mistake; was it knowingly or unknowingly? Are you being praised because your behavior gained praise for the company and for yourself? Do you need time off for family circumstances? Are lodging a complaint about something, like another worker, a company policy, an impediment to doing your job ...? Each one of these possible scenarios may involve a different tone of voice, various approaches, various degrees of forthrightness (do you engage in "she said, I said ..." or just discuss "I said ..."), etc?

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One possible approach would be to go to YouTube and track down some speeches by Members of Parliament.  You would then have evidence of an actual MP's views expressed in his or her own words.  However, if you quoted those words exactly, you woul definitely want to cite the video as a source, and you would probably want to do that even if you merely paraphrased the words.  Here's the kind of thing I have in mind, but you will probably want something more recent:



Good luck!

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a conversation with your boss .

this question is based on any conversation you would want to have with your boss,any thing you wish to ask him