Easiest art course onlineI have to take an Art course online for school credit, and I wanted to ask what's the easiest course to take? considering that I'm not a native American.

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Drawing is the Easiest Art Course Online. You will learn A major consideration that comes into play in drawing portraits is proportion and perspective. To achieve a good likeness proportion is vital. If the person's eyes are too close together, or if the mouth is too large, the drawing will not look like the subject. So to get correct proportions, you're going to have to use your skill of measuring objects with your pencil. You have to be really observant in your measurements, too, because your own mind is going to really be fighting you and trying to trick you. In portraiture you really have to draw what you see, and trust the measurements you take regardless of what your mind tells you is correct.

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Drawing is the easiest art course.it is to learn through online, so many collages and institutions are offering this course.But you have a passion to learn

some of online art sites are

Art blog


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