Easay Can Some one helpme this attachment please?

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Naturally, you will want to write on the topic with which you feel most comfortable; however, since you have asked for help, perhaps, then, you are not really comfortable with any? In that case, either C. or D. are topics about which you can most facilely organize information, statements, and supporting details. Certainly, Duddy Kravitz is a well-developed and interesting character about whom much can be written.

First of all, in organizing a character analysis, the writer should consider the author's methods of direct (if any) characterization and indirect characterization. 

Direct Characterization

This type of characterization involves direct statements by the author about the character. For example, an author might write, "Susan was a selfish, thoughtless girl."

Indirect Characterization

1. through a physical description of the character
2. through the character's 
3. through the character's thoughts, feelings, and speeches
4. through the comments and reactions of other characters

So, in organizing your analysis, using these methods as an outline, find details in Richler's narrative that fit into one of the 4 categories of character analysis and record them. These, then, will be support for your thesis. Another suggestion is that you read the summaries and the critical evaluations here on Enotes. Often professional essays will provide the student writers with ideas from which they can formulate their own general statement for an essay.

After you have gleaned a sufficient amount of "evidence" of Duddy's character from your notes and readings, then, you can draw a conclusion as to what kind of person he is. One statement that you can formulate is on the subject of Duddy's moral development. For instance, Duddy Kravitz is something like his ancient ancestors in the Old Testament: He behaves fairly well, then he goes astray morally, seeking "the golden calf" of financial success and either ignoring people in his life or exploiting them. Indeed, his sense of morality is skewered and his moral development is arrested at times as he exploits, for instance, Yvette, Virgil, and others in his pursuit of riches. Your thesis could be something like this:

Driven by ambition and avarice, Duddy Kravitz's skewered moral development is costly to both his friends and to himself. 

Then, you will write about (1) how he hurts/exploits his friends and (2) how he ultimately damages himself. Since your essay is only to be 100 words or so, I would just have these 2 opinions as part of your general statement (thesis) and then devote one paragraph to each, using citations from the narrative. (explanation + quotation). Your essay, then, will look like this:

1. Introductory paragraph
a. A hook, or motivator about the importance of moral development or something relevant, using an observation or quotation that is relevant
b. Thesis statement  This is the general statement, main point, you wish to make with the 2 parts (opinions) discussed above.

2. Body paragraphs - Form topic sentences from each point in the thesis. Develop the idea with examples and explanation regarding the text of the book.

3. Conclusion - This is simply a restatement of the thesis in different words, follower by a clincher, or closing thought that comments on one of the essential ideas you wish to convey  (e.g. the importance of being true to friends)

[See the links below for criticisms and ideas]

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