Earth (m= 5.98 x 10 to the 24 power kg) moving with an orbital speed equal to 29700 m/s. Answer in units of kg x m/s.Calculate the magnitude of the linear momentum for each of the following cases...

neela | Student

Linear momentum of the earth = earths mass in Kg* earths lenear velocity  in m/s at the momemt

=(5.98*10^24 kg)(29700m/s)

=1.77606*10^29 kg m/s

krishna-agrawala | Student


Mass = m = 5.98*(10^24) kg, and

Speed = v =  29700 m/s

We know:

Momentum = m*v = [5.98*(10^24)]*29700 = 1.77606*(10^29) kg x m/s

Answer: Magnitude of linear momentum of earth is 1.77606*(10^29) kg x m/s