Is the Earth Flat?

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No, the Earth is not flat. In fact, it has a round shape. That is, our Earth is a sphere (approximately). This has also been seen and confirmed from the space; Earth appears like a blue marble. 

To be accurate, Earth is an oblate spheroid, that it is not a perfect sphere and has a bulge around the Equator. This means that Earth has a higher diameter (about 11 miles) near equator than at poles. This is due to the fact that Earth spins on its own axis. Since the difference is very small, we can consider Earth to be round.

If the Earth was not round and was actually flat, we would have seen or heard ships falling off the edge of planet or airplanes going off the flat planet. Since that does not happen and we can actually travel around the world in a plane (in a circle), Earth must be round.

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