Early in Animal Farm, what consideration do the animals (representing the exploited masses) show for one another?

Expert Answers
kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

They respect each other writing their tenents on the barn wall, one says they are all equal. They work togther, each one has a role and carries it out. The Old Major teaches them to revolt against the farm owners. He dies and they are dedicated to carrying out the revolt which happens quickly.

Snowball is kind and generous teaching the animals reading and writing. They have plenty of food. The farm is working very well. However, they (the pigs) assume leadership and  feel they deserve better food. Snowball tries to get to be leader. When Snowball is away, Napoleon appoints himself as the new leader and changes things.

Eventually the 7 commandments are butchered and come to mean something entirely different than what they were supposed to mean.