If each of us has a unique set of influences and values that contribute to our personal value system, how can that be applied to the community as a whole?

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This is an important issue in all contexts, whether it be a tribe, a neighborhood, or a business. However, in a business, which is not a democracy, the value systems of various individuals might not even come into play, since it is the value systems of those who are in charge that set the tone and dictate the behavior of individuals.  The results can be devastating, as we have seen from the Enron case, in which the value systems of those at the top seem to have driven many people in the company to act unethically and illegally.  Conversely, when management sets policies for ethical behavior and those at the top behave accordingly, those below are far more likely to behave in compliance with the policies.  

Now, having said all of that, I realize that the central question of people's differing influences and value systems must still be grappled with in any community, but this is largely a matter of...

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