What is the relevance to today's life of the three truths revealed in Tolstoy's "What Men Live By," and how is man incomplete without them?

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The three lessons Michael learns are what is in man's heart, what it is not given to man to know, and what it is that men live by [note that Tolstoy was not under social gender constraints to use nongendered wording].

God said: 'Go-take the mother's soul, and learn three truths: Learn What dwells in man, What is not given to man, and What men live by.

Michael learned the first when Matryona softened her heart and shared her last morsel of food with Michael, even after he reduced her one and only coat to tatters. From Matryona, he learned that love dwells in human's hearts. She felt love for Michael so could not see him suffer while she stood by. This has relevance to life today because there are so many who are suffering from want of food, shelter, security and safety all over the world. Like Matryona, while one person cannot do much, one person can do one person's worth of giving love and care where it...

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