Each statement has 2 unknowns. Represent both in terms of x.  Q: The sum of two numbers is 35.  Please explain and help.  

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let the numbers be x and y:

The sum of both numbers is:

x + y = 35

Now in order to write th equation in terms of x, we will need to isolate y on one side:

==> subtract x from both sides:

==> y= 35- x

Now we have an equation in terms of x.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The answer posted above uses two variables (unknowns), x and y to represent the two terms. I am giving below a method of representing both the terms using only one variable.

It is given that the sum of two numbers is 35.

Let first term of the two be represented by:

First term = x

We know:

(First term) + ( Second term) = 35

Substituting the value x for first term in above equation:

x + Second term = 35

Transferring x from left to the right hand side of equation, which is same as subtracting x from both side of the equation:

Second term = 35 - x

Thus the two unknowns, the first term and the second term are represented using just one (unknown) variable 'x'.

First term = x

Second term = 35 - x

Please note that x, representing the first term, can take any value, and based on value of x the value of second term will be determined.