Why is quality important in a president?  Give an example of a president that demonstrated quality.  

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Quality is a very broad concept, so I first suggest that you have a more specific answer.  You can ask what type of qualities do people look for in a president?  Or you can ask what are charater traits in a president?  Ask to have the editors list examples, but it be very time consuming, and there is not enough space to list every president and their qualities, and it really would not be that helpful to you since it would be a lot of information.  Here is an example answer to the question: What are the qualities people look for in a president? Give an example:

People look for honesty, compassion, cooperation, intelligence, and a true sense of justice.  For example, FDR showed complete compassion for his country when he created the New Deal to help pull America out of the Great Depression.  He did not have a political agenda, but honestly knew it was his calling at that time to be the leader America needed in time of such torment.  I also see this in President Barack Obama, and I can only hope he can be as successful as FDR.

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I would hope that some level of clarification is given to you in trying answer the question.  If the task is for you to explain in each president the answers to the two questions, it will be quite lengthy, and span past the capacity of posting here on enotes.  I would say that you should also define what is meant by "quality."  What exactly does this entail?  More should be given here because it seems that a definition in their presidency as well as an operating definition is needed.  At the same time, being able to specify which presidents need to be examined might be extremely helpful in trying to ascertain some type of answer from such a broad field.

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