For each parent and offspring genotype, is the genotype homozygous recessive, homozygous dominant, or heterozygous?4 sets of parents1) BB and Bb2) BB and bb3) Rr and Rr4) rr and rr

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Use the Punnett Square.

1) BB and Bb

     B     B

B   BB   BB

b   Bb   Bb

2 homozygous dominant, 2 heterozygous


2)  BB and bb

     B     B

b   Bb   Bb

b   Bb   Bb

4 heterozygous


3) Rr and Rr

     R     r

R   RR   Rr

r    Rr   rr

1 homozygous dominant, 1 homozygous recessive, 2 heterozygous


4) rr and rr

     r     r

r    rr   rr

r    rr   rr

4 homozygous recessive