For Greenpeace, describe their aim and political agenda. Also consider how this group may influence science, either positively or negatively?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The mission statement of the organization might provide some light to the question.

Our core values are reflected in our environmental campaign work: We 'bear witness' to environmental destruction in a peaceful, non-violent manner. We use non-violent confrontation to raise the level and quality of public debate. In exposing threats to the environment and finding solutions we have no permanent allies or adversaries. We ensure our financial independence from political or commercial interests. We seek solutions for, and promote open, informed debate about society's environmental choices.

The repeated emphasis on "non-violence" combined with the element of "confrontation" helps to frame much of what the organization is about.  Indeed, their aim is to increase environmental consciousness and awareness.  I think that one could argue that they are not really concerned with establishing a "shallow" environmental ethic, which is more cosmetic and surface.  Rather, the organization is seeking to establish a "deep" environmental ethic which will create change on social and political level.  Their group's original focus was nuclear testing, but since then the issues have broadened as awareness of the ecological concerns have also widened.  Issues of climate change, political neglect towards the environment, as well as species extinction and the growth of business which might trade off with ecological concerns have become the critical focal points for the organization.  Certainly, their relationship with science would be to encourage forms of scientific discourse that would help their overall agenda.  At the same time, I cannot imagine that the group would possess an overall receptivity to branches of science that go against the mission of the group.  For example, I cannot imagine the Greenpeace would be advocates of advances in nuclear technology, whose implication could involve ecological damage.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The aim and political agenda of Greenpeace is to improve and protect the world's environment.

To the extent that Greenpeace affects or influences science, I would think it would be through what you might call agenda setting.  By its actions, Greenpeace has called attention to various issues that are connected to the environment.  In doing so, they may have influenced scientists to pay attention to those issues.

If they have accomplished these goals, then they have impacted science by causing scientists to pay more attention to certain issues than they might otherwise have done.

deenlefevre | Student

What is a political agenda?
A political agenda is a set of policies and issues that can be addresses and pursues by an individual or a group.The agendas are acted out through possible pressure groups and those with high power with in the community.Diffrent organsistaions,groups and induviduals will use techniques to make there political agenda heard.
Green peace
Green peace is a non govermental enviromental organisation founded in 1971 with locations in over forty countries and 2.86 million members, there political agenda is to improve and protect the worlds enviroment.Greenpeace have political agendas on global warming, deforestation,overfishing,anti-nuclear issues and commercial whaling.In order to get there agenda heard and known they use direct action,research and lobbying, with no funding from goverment but donations and foundation grants.Green peace is well known for `its direct actions and has been described as the most visible enviromental organistaion in the world by raising enviromental issues to public knowledge,influencing private and the public sector.Green peace do not use violance but direct actions such as attaching banners to coal plant's giant smokestacks or famous eye soars, also grafitti and damage to objects such as whaling boats that go aginst there political agenda.

This political agenda represented by green peace has a good influnce on sicence.Green peace has called aattention to many issues that are connected to the enviroment by using direct action and campgains.This influnces scientists to pay attention to those issues and try and make scientists adress these problems and possibly make a change.Scientists have influnce on many people including goverment making there support on the issues very viable and in turn effective to there agenda.Therefore this affect the agenda has on sicnetists is very good and will benfift the enviroment and world improving the future of the planet.There agenda does not attack science but aquires there attention in to there agenda for support.Already green peace have gained a scientifical labratory with scientists helping them in there research ,just showing that there direct actions have encouraged scientifcal help.This political agenda has been funded by supporters to allow science to be part of under going research and tests into the conditions and effects people are having on the worlds enviroment.Therefore not only are green peace protesting about the effetcsa but are giving science a direct fund into research of the worlds conditions where they will not find funding where else.