Is   e-Learning likely to Replace Face To Face Training?Is   e-Learning likely to Replace Face To Face Training?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As technology gets better, I think e-learning will replace face to face learning to some extent, but face to face learning will still be the default way of doing things.

E-learning is getting easier with broadband internet and such.  It is much easier for teachers to communicate with off-site students than it used to be.  I have taught students up to 100 miles away from where I was using a system that allowed them to talk to me and me to them.  The only real problem was that they had to press a button to talk to me.  This obstacle made many students much less likely to interact with me.  If that sort of obstacle can be overcome, distance learning of that sort will become much more common (especially if the price of the equipment goes down).

kiwi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that e-learning is simply another tool in the box of good teaching, and we have to be realistic that it is unlikely to completely replace face-to-face teaching. E-learning requires a synchronicity of hardware, software and technical knowledge. In a world where we have yet to achieve balance in terms of basic requirements (water, food) e-learning will remain a distant possibility for many.

benjamart | Student

I agree with you. Well, the access to the Internet is not our problem at all for e-learning, but student participation is. I have provided my students almost everything in my e-learning; still I haven't got or very little feedback from my students. How can I motivate them to act more?

andychan2000 | Student



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