During the Revolutionary Era (around 1754 and the Albany Congress), what was the economy or businesses like in the colonies?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During this era, the economies of the different regions of the colonies were at least somewhat different from one another.

There were, of course, similarities.  All of the colonies had agriculture of some sort as the economic activity in which most people worked.  All of the coastal areas had some degree of fishing and shipping.  All areas did a great deal of trading, particularly with Britain.  But there were differences as well.

In the New England area, the economy was fairly mixed.  Agriculture was supplemented by some manufacturing and by a great deal of industry that was related to the sea.  There was a great deal of shipbuilding and trade.  The middle colonies, such as New York, were the colonial "breadbasket," with grain as their leading product.  The South was built on tobacco and rice plantations.

Thus, the economies of the various areas of the colonies differed from one another in important ways, but the economy as a whole was based on agriculture and on trade with England.