During one hanging Elie and the other prisoners cried. What made this hanging different from others?

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In Chapter 4, Elie witnesses the horrific, tragic execution of a young pipel, who is hanged in front of the prisoners. What makes the pipel's execution particularly difficult to watch is the way he suffers during the hanging and the fact that he resembles an innocent angel. After the block leader is arrested and executed for possessing a small arsenal in the Buna camp, the SS officers arrest the small pipel, who worked for the block leader and is describes as a "sad-eyed angel." As the young boy stands on the gallows, one of the prisoners asks, "Where is merciful God, where is He?" (Wiesel, 89). The two prisoners and the pipel are then hanged in front of the crowd of Jewish prisoners.

Tragically, the pipel is too light and...

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