In "Lord of the Flies", where does Simon sneak off during the night?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 8 of "Lord of the Flies" Simon sneaks off to his secret place in the jungle:

He went on among the creepers until he reached the great mat that was woven by the open space and crawled inside.  Beyone the screen of leaves the sunlight pelted down and the butterflies dance in the middle of their unending dance.  He knelt down and the arrow of the sun fell on him.  That other time the air had seemed to vibrate with heat; but now it threatened. Soon the sweat was running....He shifted restlessly, but there was no avoiding the sun....He continued to sit.

Soon Simon discovers why the air has "threatened," for the hunters have left the head of the slain sow in the covert, Simon's secret place.  He contemplates the head, dripping blood and guts, covered with flies--the "lord of the flies."  It is at this moment that Simon experiences a transcendental moment since he intuitively realizes the evil in the hearts of man.  "I know," he tells the beast.  After he looks around at the beauty of Nature surrounding him with the beast now intruding into this verdant scene of beauty, Simon suffers an epileptic seizure.

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