During the journey, what is Jonas able to endure on his own, without the benefit of the received memories to help him?

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Hello! You asked about Jonas and his journey in 'The Giver.'

On the journey to Elsewhere, Jonas and Gabriel must avoid being seen. Jonas does not have enough time to receive the memories of courage and strength, so 'he relied on what he had, and hoped it would be enough.'

When the search planes come looking for him and Gabriel, he knows he can rely on his own strength to continue despite not having had the benefit of receiving the memory of strength. Yet, he can't help wishing that he had received the memory of courage. The search planes have heat-seeking devices sensitive to body warmth, and Jonas has to will the memory of cold into both Gabriel and himself so that they would not be discovered.

As they journey on, Jonas also has to endure the pain of a twisted ankle and scraped knees due to an accident. He has to endure unknown perils ahead while navigating uncertain territory. More troubling, he knows that Gabriel's safety is dependent on what strength Jonas has left. Both endure deep hunger, and for the first time come to know what starvation feels like. They also experience what rain feels like, and do not like the fact that it makes them cold and wet. Jonas has to endure the torture of fear that he may not be able to save Gabriel. Summoning up his last memories of joy and relying on his 'final strength, and a special knowledge that was deep inside him ,' Jonas endures exhaustion, extreme hunger and cold to reach the top of the hill. Finally, he and Gabriel get into the slide that Jonas hopes will take them to Elsewhere, a land of warmth and light, and a land that holds their future and their past.

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