During the Hundred Years' War, what factors help account for France's ultimate victory?

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There were a number of reasons for the French victory.  They include:

  • Joan of Arc.  For whatever reason, Joan's claims of visions from God inspired the French.  This can be seen as an early form of nationalism in which the French were inspired to fight against what they saw as foreign invaders.  One way or the other, the intervention of Joan of Arc turned the war around.  
  • Technology.  The French developed better cannon by the end of the war.  They were able to use these to besiege and defeat English strongholds in France.
  • Political instability in England.  The death of King Henry V was a major turning point.  It removed England's best military and political leader.  After Henry died, Parliament balked at funding the war and the war was conducted less effectively without his leadership.

These are the main factors that are said to have led to French victory in the conflicts that we now call the Hundred Years' War.

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