During Hate Week, when was the alliance changed and how did it change?

Oceania's enemy is changes in the middle of Hate Week on the sixth day of demonstrations. An Inner Party orator makes the announcement in the middle of his speech that Oceania is now allied with Eurasia, and Eastasia is their enemy. The Party claims they have been sabotaged by agents of Goldstein and immediately gets to work rectifying past articles that do not correspond with Big Brother's current claim.

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Hate Week is a public event in Oceania specifically designed to increase hysteria and manipulate the population's negative emotions towards a scapegoat. Currently, the citizens of Oceania are told they are at war with Eurasia. During Hate Week, the citizens are subjected to an enormous amount of propaganda as they listen to speeches, participate in processions, and witness demonstrations designed to generate hatred towards Eurasia.

On the sixth day, when the hysteria is at its peak, an Inner Party member announces that Oceania is not at war with Eurasia. The citizens are told they are actually at war with Eastasia and Eurasia is their ally. Winston recalls when Oceania switched enemies and remembers the exact moment when the passionate orator made the announcement without pausing. The orator did not even change the syntax of his speech and casually continued addressing the crowd as if nothing happened.

The Party claims they have been sabotaged by agents of Goldstein and the Spies promptly begin tearing down the posters and banners against Eurasia. The ignorant, brain-washed Party members exercise doublethink to accept the news and begin rewriting the records to correspond with Big Brother's current narrative. Winston and the employees at the Records Department work tirelessly for three days to rectify past articles.

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