During the First Continental Congress what decision was made by the colonists in regards to their complaints? 

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The First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in September 1774. This group met in response to the passage of the Intolerable Acts. These laws punished the colonists, especially those in Massachusetts, for their role in the Boston Tea Party.

The members of the First Continental Congress agreed to disobey British laws. They also asked for these unpopular laws to be repealed. The colonists agreed to boycott British goods and to stop trading with them. They also supported the concept of the Suffolk Resolves that allowed the colonists in Massachusetts to form militias. There was concern that armed conflict might occur, and the colonists wanted to be prepared. They also agreed to meet again in May 1775 if conditions warranted having another meeting. Conditions didn’t improve so the Second Continental Congress met in May 1775. The First Continental Congress served an important role for the colonists as conditions deteriorated with the British.

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