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During the Civil War, how did new weapon technology play a crucial role in the war which affected American society after the war?

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During the first major conflict of the war, the Battle of Bull Run (7/1861) Washington's elite came to picnic on the sidelines and watch the soldiers fight, expecting the traditional line battle.  However, with more deadly weaponry, and especially due to the improvements in artillery, line battles became obsolete, and both the number of killed and wounded increased.  In fact, by the war's end, in certain areas soldiers were fighting in bulwarks and trenches rather than standing shoulder to shoulder in the field.  During the course of...

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jaymac | Student

I have a couple interesting twists: Enormous amounts of children were left homeless and living on the streets so some states developed "Industrial Homes or Schools." In Ohio it was the Girls Industrial Home in (Rathbone)Delaware, Ohio, where girls as young as 12 worked long hours under threats of cruel discipline. But remember this was Victorian times where moral zealots professed what was right or wrong. Secondly, the cruelty of the battlefield, showed in its returning veterans physically and mentally and may have caused people to reexamine human worth and compassion. An example would be acknowledgement of post trauma stress disorder(trauma), undefined until 1980 but known during the Civil War as Soldier's Heart.

aggieteacher | Student

Also, since there was the rapid fire technology along with more accurate weapon aim, many more soldiers died that would have w/o this technology.