Did the peace after the Afghanistan War accomplish the political objectives that led to war?

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First of all, we should note that the “war” in Afghanistan cannot really be characterized as over.  We are still fighting there and it is not at all clear that the Taliban have been defeated.

That said, the most active phase of combat operations is clearly over.  With that phase over, it does not appear that the political objectives that led us to invade Afghanistan have been achieved.  We have ousted the Taliban from power, it is true.  However, that was not our only goal.

Our major political goal was to create a country with a stable government that would be at least somewhat friendly to the West.  This does not appear to have happened.  The Karzai government is corrupt and unpopular.  It is not at all clear that it can survive without Western help.  Given this, it is very hard to say that our political objectives have been accomplished.

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