Do consumers enjoy too many protections or do should less be done?

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I for one do not think that there are too many protections in place. Although my position seems to fly in the face of capitalist thinking, history has indicated that the public often can be taken in by false promises, including those of "cures" for otherwise incurable illnesses. Also, adulteration of consumables, predatory lending, etc. would be much more prevalent than today.

A personal example: during my college days I was offered a free "mastercard" (as it was then known) and assured that the interest rate was "only" 1.5% per month. This was at a time when typical credit rates were 5-6%. Unless one did the math, he would not realize that 1/5% per month was actually 18% annually, an exorbitant rate.

Since so many enterprises are driven by the profit motive, it is probably necessary that consumers receive more protection, not less.  

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