Dry mouthI need tips on how to reduce this unpleasant feeling!

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Medications are a common cause of dry mouth. You might try seeing your doctor to try to find the actual cause. There are different ways to treat it, including some sprays. Usually drinking water is not really going to help you much in the long term.
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Dry mouth

I need tips on how to reduce this unpleasant feeling!

  Dry mouth is often the result of sleeping with your mouth open.  Perhaps this is because your nasal or sinus passages are swollen or plugged.  Try rubbing a small amount of Mentholatum or Vicks inside your nasal passages just before going to bed. 

Another reason for dry mouth is not drinking enough water!  I always drink a 16-oz. glass of water just before going to bed and I keep another one on my nightstand for use throughout the night. 

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Avoid drinking drinks with caffeine excessively, avoid sugared gum and drink plenty of water. All of the above posters have mentioned these also. If it does not seem to get any better after a period of time you might want to visit with your doctor to ensure it is not a symptom of something else.

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Certainly drinking plenty of water can help. Avoid drinking sodas, caffeine, alcohol and try chewing sugar free gum to keep your saliva glands functioning. Use of a humidifier at night can help to.

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Do you drink enough water?  If so, you might try mints, or even vaseline.  As a former performer, we used to use vaseline on the inside of our lips to help keep us smiling...it does reduce the feeling of dry mouth, but it doesn't taste so great.

Have you discussed this with your medical doctor?

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Dry mouth is a common side effect of many prescription and nonprescription drugs, including drugs used to treat depression, anxiety, pain, allergies and colds. If the dryness is due to drugs, it may be possible for your doctor to advise you to stop taking those drugs, reduce their intake or switch to another “less drying” medication.  It is particularly important to drink often while eating. This will aid chewing and swallowing and may enhance the taste of your food. You can carry a water bottle.

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Here are some tips, but be careful that the problem may be caused by a disease or some pills, if you take any.

Drink water regularly to maintain a good level of humidity in the mouth. Take a bottle with you throughout the day, wherever you are, and, at night,near the bed, hold a glass with water.

If you are chewing gum, try a sugar-free one.

Use a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol.

Avoid drinking beverages containing alcohol or caffeine. It promotes fluid loss.

If possible, give up smoking.

Use a lip balm to alleviate the feeling of dry lips.

With an appropriate treatment,the most affected regain comfort in mouth area and the ability to taste food.